The Teaching Farm about "from grapes to wine" and "from olive to Oil" are held by appointment, during the months of September, October and Novemberwhile from March to June for all other routes.

The visits take place for groups of children / young people not exceeding 60 people.

Our Teaching Farm

The Da Sagraro teaching farm -born in 2001- is our latest offer.

Sonia and Fabio – that’s us!- run it.

Our itineraries are:

From Grapes to Wine

Teaching Objectives:

  • Learning the wine cycle stages: from growing to bottling;
  • Learning the tools and the working methods.

Activities and Topics

  • The vine growing cycle: the ground, the varieties, the planting, the pruning stages;
  • The harvesting and the grapes processing;
  • The grapes harvest, folding, wine processing and bottling.

From olives to oil

Teaching Objectives:

  • Learning the different stages of the olive cycle: from growing to pressing;
  • Learning the tools and the working methods.

Activities and Topics:

  • Learning the varieties of olive plants (even more than a hundred years old plants);
  • The local varieties, the pruning, the olive harvesting, times, methods and tools, the grinding, the extra virgin olive oil for cookery and pharmacopoeia;
  • Workshop: oil tasting and hand olive harvesting.

Discovering the ancient plants in the wood

Teaching Objectives:

  • Learning the different types of wood and underwood plants;
  • Learning the signs and traces of the wood animals;
  • Activities and Topics
  • You will explore the wood starting from the paths and the roads built by the ancient inhabitants of the place. Walking through the different natural environments you will be able to recognize the wildlife, study the ancient trees as well as the underwood shrubs, recognize the wild animal traces, listen to sounds and noises, and visit the Saint Bernardino Cave, where prehistoric men lived.

The Orienteering Itinerary

Teaching objectives

  • Learning to orient through unknown environments;
  • Increasing our power of observation;

Activities and Topics:

  • This is a sport that develops our power of observation and our abilities to make decisions.
  • The itinerary develops within our estate and it is aimed at children: they will discover our farm and the surrounding environment, using a map and a compass and having fun.

Our itineraries are not only aimed at children or young students but also at adults who wish to spend a day in the open air.

The tours with donkeys are held by appointment

Tour with Donkeys

The donkey is a great educator and a mediator between people and environment.

It is fun and nice with everyone. The donkey doesn’t  judge, it doesn’t express any opinion and it doesn’t wear trendy clothes; anyway the donkey is really friendly and reserved, on the other hand it is independent and determined. For these reasons is quite easy to empathize  with him.

The donkey is a slow animal, therefore it teaches  you to ‘slow down’ , offering you the possibility to be a good observer and it allows you to appreciate what you meet in your walk.

It is a prudent animal, so it invites people to be prudent. In fact if a donkey perceives a danger it stops and goes around the obstacle.

The donkey is stubborn, anyway it doesn’t  give up, so it teaches  us to be steadfast.

It is perfect in order to reinforce the self-esteem of young boys with difficulties: it’s not scary, you can brush him in tranquillity; it asks for cuddles and gives them back, it is reassuring and transmits calm.

This animal doesn’t obey when people mistreat him, but he collaborates if he fells pet; in this way he teaches the sensibility and the respect for people.


In the past donkeys were used by farmers instead of tractors.


We organize guided tour in English.

Our excursions are realized with Silvana ( female donkey) and Silvano (male donkey).


Example of a daily visit (visits can also be realized in two days)  with departure from Lago di Fimon.

  • 9.00 a.m. : meeting near our agriturismo;

  • 9.30 a.m. : the excursion with donkeys starts across the path during which you can visit different archaeological sites and local wine cellar where you can taste wine and snacks;

  • 3.00 p.m. : back to the agriturismo where you can eat some nibble and taste wine and extra virgin oil.

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