Sagraro's facilities are available for Business Meeting, etc…

For more information please call us at 347 290 7072.

The Agriturismo da Sagraro estate is 40 hectares wide: most of it is mainly planted with olive trees (800 trees, some of them are centuries-old trees) and vineyard while the rest is arable or covered in wood. Pigs are bred in the wild as well as courtyard animals: geese, guinea-hens, chickens, ducks and rabbits.

Our dining room was the ancient farm workers' house: its origin is not certain but it probably dates back to 1576, the year that we can still read, carved in Roman numerals, on the stone outside the small window on the left side entering the house.

Sonia's nice liveliness and Fabio's kind helpfulness welcome the guests and make them feel at home; they propose the season products and offer them a careful and attentive service. The kitchen is open on Friday, Saturday and Sunday evenings. Flats are available all year.

Riapertura Agriturismo da Sagraro
24 Aprile 2021
From Friday, April 30, 2021 the Agriturismo reopens. The service on the terrace opens at 1730 for aperitifs (with cicchetti and cold cuts). Also Friday from about 1900 leggi tutto.....
24 Marzo 2021
Also this year we provide take-away service and home delivery for Easter lunch (only for Sunday, April 4, 2021). Home delivery is provided for the municipalities of Nanto, Castegnero, leggi tutto.....
15 Marzo 2021
We present our wines, available for purchase in the cellar or (when in orange or red area) also free home delivery up to 30 km from the farm (minimum 6 leggi tutto.....
02 Aprile 2020
NEW YEAR'S 2020 MENU leggi tutto.....

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